19 Best Presidents Day Mattress Deals for February 19, 2024

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See at Layla


Up to $200 off mattresses + 2 free pillows

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35% off sitewide + free sleep accessories

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30% off select mattresses + free accessory bundle

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25% off sitewide + 2 free Eco-Rest pillows

Presidents Day is an optimal time to buy a mattress. Right now, you’ll see some of the most competitive sales that will drop the price of your next bed by hundreds. Many brands also throw in free bedding like pillows, sheets and mattress protectors when you buy a mattress.  

Our CNET sleep team has years of experience testing and writing about mattresses, so we know what’s a good Presidents Day mattress deal and what’s not. I’ll update this page throughout the week, so check back for the latest Presidents Day mattress sales. 

Best Presidents Day mattress sales going on right now

Online mattress giant Nectar offers up to 40% off mattresses for Presidents Day. People who love the feel of true memory foam that’s slow-moving and cocoons your curves won’t want to miss this sale. Nectar mattresses are already affordable, but you’ll be hard-pressed to beat $659 for the flagship all-foam Nectar mattress. The Nectar Hybrid is only $799, and the Nectar Premier is only $1,099. 

Casper mattresses are already what we would consider affordable; the up to 30% off Presidents Day mattress sale makes it a great time to buy a Casper bed if you’ve had your eye on one. The Original Casper mattress is 15% off, bringing it to $1,100. The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is 30% off, which brings it to only $2,167. 

Casper pillows and bedding are also included in this sale. Additionally, you can save 25% off the bundle of a mattress protector and foundation. Casper’s Presidents Day mattress sale ends on Feb. 28.

DreamCloud’s Presidents Day mattress sale is by far one of the most generous right now at 50% off all mattresses. Most other brands are averaging around 20% to 35%, so this is probably one of the best options for the average person, especially pillow top lovers. 

Right now, you can get the DreamCloud mattress for $665 and the DreamCloud Premier for $916. I really can’t overstate what a deal that is. 

Brooklyn Bedding is running a sitewide 30% off Presidents Day mattress sale when you use the code PRES30. That means you can get the Brooklyn Bedding mattress for only $933. The Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is a CNET favorite with three firmness levels and a supportive hybrid design. You can save on other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses like the cooling Aurora Luxe or Sedona Elite. The Brooklyn Bedding Presidents Day sale ends on Feb. 19. 

Saatva mattresses are a little more expensive than the average bed, but that’s because of the hefty durability and quality of the beds. Saatva is also running a Presidents Day sale of up to $600 off. The fan-favorite Saatva Classic mattress is $300 off the original $1,995 price tag. It’s not the biggest sale you’ll see during Presidents Day, but Saatva beds offer a level of luxury that you can’t get from just any bed out there

Purple is running up to $800 off mattresses and base sets across the site for Presidents Day. However, the savings will depend on the mattress you’re looking at. For example, you can get the Purple mattress for $1,099 instead of $1,499. The Purple Rejuvenate is on sale for $4,995, $500 off the MSRP. 

Some of the more luxurious Purple mattresses are pretty expensive, so it’s nice to see a couple hundred off those high price tags.

If you’ve been curious about Helix Sleep’s extensive mattress collection, now is a good time to buy. For Presidents Day, Helix is running a 25% off sitewide sale with a free bedroom bundle if you buy a mattress. A bedroom bundle includes 2 Dream pillows, a sheet set and a mattress protector. I think this is a solid deal because a mattress protector from Helix retails for $79.

Use code PDS25 to take advantage of this sale that ends Feb. 20. 

If you’re looking for solid, affordable mattresses and don’t care about all the bells and whistles that other brands boast, you’ll like Tuft & Needle. For Presidents Day, Tuft & Needle mattresses are 20% off, which includes the Tuft & Needle Original, Mint and Mint Hybrid beds. Additionally, you can score 20% off pillows, percale and linen bedding and select foundations and bed frames. No code is required for this sale that ends on Feb. 26. 

If you’re interested in the flippable mattresses from Layla, you’ll be happy to know they’re up to $200 for Layla’s Presidents Day mattress sale. The flagship memory foam mattress is currently $150 off with two free Layla pillows. The Hybrid model is $200 off with two pillows included. You can also get various sleep accessories like a weighted blanket, bamboo sheets and a down alternative comfort for less than retail price

The 35% off sitewide sale from Bear will bring down the flagship Bear Original queen mattress to only $649. There are not many mattresses that you can get for that price. As if that wasn’t enough, Bear also includes a free accessory bundle with every mattress purchase. With a $320 value, you get two pillows, a sheet set and a mattress protector for free. 

Use code PRESDAY to save on your next Bear mattress. 

Plus-size sleepers need beds that give them the support they need throughout the night. Titan mattresses offer precisely that. The Titan and Titan Plus Luxe mattresses are on sale for Presidents Day. When you use code PRESDAY30, you can cash in on 30% off until the sale ends on Feb. 19. A Queen Titan mattress is priced at $875 right now, and the Luxe is only $1,120. 

Budget shoppers rejoice! The Dreamfoam mattresses are 30% off for Presidents Day with code PRESDAY30. That means the already ultra-affordable Dreamfoam Doze mattress is available for $168. There will be few times when you can get a bed for less than this. 

The sale extends sitewide, so you can save on sleep accessories like pillows, sheets and blankets. Use the code PRESDAY30. The sale ends Feb. 19

For Presidents Day, Amerisleep is offering $450 off mattresses, including the AS2, AS3 and AS5, when you use the code AS450. You can get the AS2 mattress for only $1,099. Amerisleep also offers 40% off upholstered bed frames when bundled with a mattress and 30% off adjustable bed bundles. 

Leesa’s Presidents Day sale is 30% off select mattresses, which includes beds like the Leesa Original, Original Hybrid, Legend Hybrid and Chill series. Leesa mattresses have an accommodating foam feel that just about anyone will like. Taking 30% off the Leesa Original mattress is going to take the price down to $909. With your purchase of a Leesa mattress during this sale, you’ll also get a free accessory bundle of two pillows and a sheet set. 

Nolah is another brand offering one of the more generous Presidents Day sales at 35% off select mattresses and a free bundle of two pillows. Most brands are offering around 25% off beds right now. You can get the Nolah Signature mattress for $1,169 instead of $1,799. Included in this Presidents Day mattress sale are the Original, Signature, Evolution, Natural and Nurture mattresses. 

From Brooklyn Bedding, Plank is a brand that offers firm mattresses favored by back and stomach sleepers. Plank’s Presidents Day sale is 30% off sitewide with code PRESDAY30. Plank’s prices are already affordable, so the 30% off will go a long way on a bed like the Plank Firm mattress priced at $933 during the sale. 

The sale ends Feb. 19. 

Birch by Helix is also running a 25% off sitewide sale for Presidents Day with the code PDS25. That means you can get a Birch Natural Mattress for $1,593 instead of the original ticket price of $2,134. Like other brands during this time, if you purchase a new Birch mattress, you’ll also get two free Eco-Rest pillows. 

The sale ends on Feb. 29. 

Beautyrest is running a Presidents Day sale until Feb. 26 on select mattresses. The Beautyrest Black, Black Hybrid, Harmony Lux and Harmony Lux Hybrid are up to $1,100 off. Currently, savings are $300 off selected mattresses, though we might see these numbers change as Presidents Day draws closer. 

You can save up to $1,110 on select Serta mattresses when you pair them with the Motion Perfect Adjustable Base. Select mattresses from the iComfortEco, Perfect Sleeper and Arctic collections are included in this sale that ends Feb 26. 

Is Presidents Day a good day to buy a mattress?

Surprisingly enough, Presidents Day is one of the best times to buy a mattress during the year. It’s the first big mattress sale day of the year, and it generally rivals any sale you’ll see during other big holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Though it depends on the brand, you could see up to 50% off your next mattress. 

How much should you pay for a good bed?

Mattress prices range based on the quality of materials, size and durability of the bed. The average cost of online mattresses falls between $800 to $1,200. Even within this range, there will be differences in construction, quality and life expectancy. However, the full price range for mattresses is far wider than that. There are budget mattresses for under $500 and luxury mattresses for well over $2,500. No matter your budget, you can find a bed in your price range. 

Mattress sales like Presidents Days are a great way to offset the price of your next bed and get a high-quality bed for less. 

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