Defeat Clintin the Mini-Boss in Steam’s New ‘Epstein’ Island Game

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A new video game popped up online on Friday, swiftly capturing the web’s attention. The game’s name? “Epstein.” Notably, it’s set on an island. If you progress far enough into the gameplay, you end up fighting Mini-Bosses, including characters dubbed “Clintin,” “Havking,” and “Minwell,” before facing off against the titular bad guy.

Culturally observant players may notice a slight linguistic resemblance between these characters’ names and those of real-life personages who have been associated with another Epstein who, you know, also had an island. The marketing around the game does nothing to dispel the notion that those similarities are intentional. The game’s description on Steam reads:

Survive a mysterious island and thwart the sinister plans of Jefry in “Epstein”. Battle the blood-dependent morbiders and forge alliances with other survivors to confront Jefry in his grand temple. Master survival tactics and strategic gameplay in this intense adventure.

Ah yes, that nasty Jefry!! Where, oh, where did the game developers come up with that name?

The game’s creator, GalaxyVerse, is a verified user on Steam, with several other games listed, but not much is known about them other than that. On what appears to be its official X profile, GalaxyVerse recently posted the following about its new game:

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions: There are no children in the game; it’s not that kind of world. It’s a world where we eliminate bad people. There will be 3 Bosses in the game, and you know their names. We are looking forward to your suggestions in the Steam community.

GalaxyVerse certainly seems to be playing a not-so-subtle game here, winking and nodding and also, just, blatantly pointing in the direction of its game’s source material. That said, other than the previously mentioned linguistic similarities, “Epstein” the game doesn’t bear much of a resemblance to the story of the real-life Epstein. You’re on an island, sure, but it looks like you’re fighting re-animated skeletons and demons. What does that have to do with anything?

Also, when it comes to the Mini-Bosses, there are some notable absences. For instance, there is no Bill Gites, nor any Elom Muusk, nor a Prince Andro. In short, it seems like there are a lot of potential characters that haven’t been introduced to the gameplay yet. The list of people that the other Epstein is alleged to have known or had ties to is quite long. Maybe more Mini-Bosses are coming in the DLC.

If you, for whatever reason, want to play “Epstein” the island game (all common sense compels me to advise against it), you can purchase it for $7.99 on Steam.

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