Everything You Need to Remember Before The Bad Batch Season 3

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So that’s where we are, who’s gone and who’s back. So what can we expect in season three? All eyes are on Mount Tantiss right now—not just for whatever project Hemlock has cooking for the Emperor, but for our surviving Batchers to rescue Omega before it’s too late, to see wherever Crosshair’s re-examination of his duty takes him while he’s imprisoned there, and to figure out just what is up with Emerie and her connections to both Omega and Hemlock.

But then there’s a billion other questions. How’s Ventress connected to all this? What’s Fennec up to? Will we finally see the end of the Clone Army? Who’s going to make it out of the show alive? Hell, even metatextually, Bad Batch’s conclusion puts an end to a very specific era of Star Wars animation, a medium and particular style that sustained the franchise through years of wilderness before its return to movies and streaming TV. If this is the end of the Batch, and the end of that era as we know it… what’s next? Is anything next?

Time will tell—but we’ll start learning at least some of all this when The Bad Batch season three beings streaming with a three-episode premiere this Wednesday, February 21.

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