Fanatical’s Mystery Fire Bundle Includes Up To 20 Steam Games For Just $14

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Fanatical has a new Fire Mystery Bundle deal available this month that offers up to 20 Steam games for $1 per key or less. The bundle comes in five options, starting at one Steam key for $1, then moving up to five for $4.79, 10 for $7.49, 15 for $10.79, and maxing out at 20 games for $14.

While we don’t know which games could show up in the bundles, the bundle’s description says there are “over 250 sizzling titles waiting to be discovered, including indie gems and blockbuster AAA sensations,” so it sounds like there’s plenty of variety.

Like with other Fanatical mystery deals, every key you get in a single bundle will be unique. However, if you purchase multiple bundles, then there’s a chance you may pull duplicate keys.

Along with your games, all Mystery Fire Bundles also include a 5% off coupon code to use on a future Fanatical purchase. The $20 tier also includes an extra bonus item that is either a digital voucher for 10% off your next Mystery Bundle deal purchase OR a bonus 20-game bundle– meaning you could get 40 games for just $14. There are 1,000 bonus bundles up for grabs. Check out the Mystery Fire Bundle store page for more information.

There are a bunch of other bundles on sale at Fanatical, if you prefer spending your money on specific games rather than a random grab bag of Steam keys, including the Safe In Our World Charity Bundle that offers 26 games for just $15.

Humble also has some amazing bundle deals going on right now, including the Mega Man Franchise Pack featuring 25 Mega Man games for $20, the 70-game Capcom Cup X bundle for $20, and the Destiny 2: The Story So Far collection that includes all six Destiny 2 DLC expansions and the latest season pass for $40.

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