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Celebrate Shrove Tuesday with our flippin’ fantastic Pancake Day recipes. Whether you’re after crêpe-style or fluffy, savoury or sweet, one-cup or showstopper, our brilliant pancake recipes are sure to hit the spot.

For kids (and adults!), Pancake Day is a pretty exciting day in the food calendar as it’s cooking at its most hands-on: cracking eggs, whisking batter, flipping pancakes and topping them with lots of delicious things at the table. And the little ones can get involved at every stage – if you don’t mind a bit of mess, that is! 

Pancake topping ideas are near endless, so mix things up and get creative. If you’re after some inspiration, we’ve pulled together our favourite pancake recipes below. Happy flipping! 


Fluffy pancakes with fruit and greek yoghurt, with a bowl of fruit and a glass of maple syrup above it

Jamie’s hero pancake batter is a great principle recipe that can be used in four delicious ways. Craving an orange-and-lemon crêpe? We’ve got you! Want an American-style pancake? No problem, you can make it fat and fluffy. Fancy a strawberry-topped waffle? Yep, it can be used for that too. You can even make a savoury pancake toastie sandwich… pass the ketchup!

Breakfast pancakes

Stir grated pear through your pancake batter and you’ve got yourself a beautiful and nutritious breakfast that will help you hit your 5-a-day. You can use any fruit you like, and also swap the flour for wholemeal self-raising, which contains at least twice as much fibre. Delicious topped with yoghurt and honey.

Easy pancakes

If it’s a simple, crêpe-style pancake recipe you’re after, this is it. Finish with a twist of lemon juice and a dusting of sugar, or go wild with your favourite sweet or savoury toppings. It’s super versatile – you can easily tweak the recipe to make wholemeal or fluffy, American-style pancakes if that’s what you fancy. 

One-cup pancakes with blueberries

Jamie’s one-cup pancake recipe could not be easier: crack an egg in a bowl, then add a mug of flour and a mug of milk. Those proportions work at any quantity: for every egg, just add an extra cup of flour and milk. No scales needed! 

Strawberry buckwheat pancakes

Kick off your weekend in style with these gluten-free pancakes, complete with rosemary maple syrup. If you’re after a vegan version, simply serve with dollops of dairy-free yoghurt. 

Gluten-free one-cup pancakes

Everyone can enjoy Pancake Day with this gluten-free pancake recipe. Simply swap in gluten-free self-raising flour and you’ll end up with the fluffiest pancakes. No compromise here! 

Folded pancakes

Inspired by the TikTok tortilla trend, we’ve created a folded pancake so you can tuck into all your favourite pancake toppings in one go. Using Jamie’s one-cup pancake batter recipe, you can add up to four different toppings, then simply fold up and dig in. 

Berry good pancakes

For a proper Pancake Day treat, these berry and bacon pancakes are unbeatable. The combo of crisp, salty bacon and sweet berries is so, so good; it makes a brilliant topping for a stack of these fluffy, American-style pancakes. Finish with a drizzle of maple syrup if you really want to go to town. 

Pineapple pancake mess

When it comes to healthy pancake recipes, this one is definitely up there. Cardamom-spiked pancakes and caramelised pineapple contrasts so well with the cool natural yoghurt here – it might look a little eccentric, but it’s totally delicious. 

Sourdough pancakes

If you’re already making your own sourdough bread, have a go at these lovely sourdough pancakes. Simply add a bit of your sourdough starter to the batter mix for a little acidic kick that really goes well with sweet toppings, such as juicy fruit, maple syrup and grated chocolate. 

Vegan blueberry pancakes

Light, fluffy and studded with juicy blueberries, this simple vegan pancake recipe is sure to go down a treat. If you want to get ahead, the batter will sit happily in the fridge for a couple of days. 

Banana pancakes

Warm, caramelised bananas and a dollop of crème fraîche is the perfect combo on a stack of American-style fluffy pancakes – this is a cracker of a weekend brunch idea.

Dutch baby pancakes with roasted plums

Also known as German pancakes, these babies are like a giant sweet Yorkshire pudding – you just know that’s going to be good! We’re topping these with roasted plums, but apricots, nectarines or peaches would all work wonderfully. 

Super spinach pancakes

Vibrant, healthy and utterly delicious, these savoury pancakes are a joy to make and eat. Use this as a principle recipe, swapping the spinach for watercress, rocket, kale, or even a mixture of soft green herbs. 

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How to make Jamie’s one-cup pancakes

If you’re after more pancake recipes, check out more ways with Jamie’s hero pancake batter

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