Konami Reveals Another New Silent Hill Game, Out Today

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Today during Sony’s most recent State of Play, Konami unveiled a brand new Silent Hill project. Silent Hill: The Short Message is a new free experience that’ll be available later today.

Check out the trailer below to see it for yourself. Though as a quick heads-up, there are brief scenes of self-harm.

The Short Message trailer looks conspicuously like the alleged leaked images for a new Silent Hill game we saw back in February 2022 that Konami DMCA’d. As Polygon detailed at the time, the leaker “Dusk Golem offered some hints at its narrative, naming two characters (Anita and Maya) and hinting that SMS messages would factor into the game somehow.” This lines up with much of what’s in the trailer.

Despite the previous leak, The Short Message was still a bit of a surprise, as it’s yet another new Silent Hill project but wasn’t one of the many annoucned back in 2022, which revealed the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, the maligned Silent Hill: Ascension, as well as Silent Hill f and Silent Hill: Townfall. It appears the future of Silent Hill is as bright as it is foggy. 

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