Mark Zuckerberg thinks the Quest 3 is much better than the Vision Pro

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Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg has posted his own review of Apple’s Vision Pro on Instagram, coming inexplicably for our jobs here at Engadget.

In a video shot direct from a Meta Quest 3 (oh of course), Zuckerberg didn’t mince his words. He said he expected the Quest to be the better value for most people, because it’s “like seven times less expensive” than the $3,500 Vision Pro. Eventually, he concluded that the Quest 3 was “the better product, period.”

Zuckerberg thinks the Quest is “a lot more comfortable,” noting that the headset’s field of view is wider and has a brighter display than the Vision Pro. He added that the Quest had a bigger library: Meta’s Quest, unlike the Vision Pro, has access to the YouTube and Xbox apps. And that’s definitely a fair criticism.

All in all, two out of five Zucks. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

— Mat Smith

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