Palworld Will Recieve Intensified Anti-Cheat Measures

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Palworld is set to get external anti-cheat and other preventive measures after some players could not log in to official servers. A statement from developers Pocket Pair, which was posted on the official Palworld Twitter/X Account reads, “As a company, we do not tolerate any fraudulent activity or cheating, and we are working on measures to deal with it strictly and as a priority.”

The first of these measures is a player list function for servers, intended to help players and developers identify and suspend cheaters. Afterwards, an external anti-cheat solution will be added to the game. The specific anti-cheat program or method is not specified, but the statement clarifies that this anti-cheat will be optional for community servers, single-player, and co-op. The statement also promises that further measures will be taken against cheating and cheaters, but does not name them. Details will may come with future patch notes.

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Pocket Pair promises that the team is hard at work on these and other anti-cheat policies, however there are many issues and it cannot keep up with all of them. The statement reads, “…we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The most recent Palworld patch, as of writing, repaired issues with save-game corruption and also implemented anti-cheat measures. Pocket Pair recently addressed claims of “player drop-off” after the game’s runaway success. Palworld will eventually add PvP and Raid Bosses, as well.

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