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We’ve been busy tracking the latest offers to help you save on some of the best pizza ovens on the market. We’re also updating this page as new deals go live, so keep coming back to ensure you don’t miss out.

Read more about how we test products and discover our triple-tested pizza recipes to make delicious pizza at home, whether you want a simple margherita, sourdough pizza or something different, like a pork, gorgonzola & garlic butter pizza. It’s not just pizza either: check out ‘What can you make in a pizza oven?’ for ideas from melting baked Camembert to roast chicken and desserts. You can also find tips on how to make pizza from start to finish, and find the best pizza tools and accessories to make the process easier. Find more guides to the best appliances and kit within our reviews section, too.

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Pizza oven deals at a glance

When you’re looking for pizza oven offers, don’t forget that a lot of the brands will be competing for your attention, so they’ll be keeping an eye on other retailers’ prices as well as their own.

You’ll also find that some brands, like Currys and John Lewis & Partners, offer a price-match promise. When you’ve found a deal you like the look of, check to see whether there are any extras included, like free delivery or pizza accessories.

Pizza oven deals 2024

Ooni Karu 16 pizza oven

Best multi-fuel pizza oven

Ooni Karu 16

Star rating: 4.5/5

If you can’t decide between a wood-fired or gas pizza oven, the Ooni Karu 16 is the answer. This model can be heated using wood, charcoal or gas, offering more flexibility than some of the more classic models on this list.

We loved the quick cooking time – we were able to make pizzeria-worthy pizzas in just 60 seconds. Plus, the 16-inch cooking surface is a generous size, perfect for entertaining or feeding a family.

Read our full Ooni Karu 16 review.

Available from:

Dellonda 14-inch portable wood-fired pizza oven

Best compact pizza oven

Dellonda pizza oven

Star rating: 4.5/5

Featuring heatproof handles and folding legs, this simple pizza oven can be fuelled by charcoal, hardwood pellets or hardwood, and comes with a pizza peel, too. It’s safe to use on a standard garden table, and compactly folds away when not in use.

Assembly was simple and quick, and though preheating and cooking took some time, it produced a nicely browned pizza crust with bubbling toppings. The door also has a thermometer, so it’s easy to keep track of the temperature throughout.

Available from:

Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven

Best pizza oven for small spaces

Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven

Star rating: 4.5/5

The smaller version of the Ooni Koda 16, this pizza oven is gas-powered with a compact footprint.

It’s lightweight, with collapsible legs which make it super easy to store. It also comes already assembled which we found really useful and means you can start making pizzas straight away, all you need to do is flip out the three legs from the bottom of the oven, fit the stone into it and connect it to a propane gas canister.

Like other Ooni models a single strip of fire around the back of the oven provides the heat source to cook your pizzas. The compact nature of the oven means the opening is also quite small, and we found it took a bit of precision and practise to get a pizza cleanly into the oven.

Read our full Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven review.

Available from:

Sage the Smart Pizzaiolo

Best investment indoor pizza oven

Sage the Smart Pizzaiolo

Star rating: 4.5/5

If you’re keen to jump on the pizza oven hype but don’t have any outdoor space, this plug-in Sage model is ideal. It looks and works quite like a microwave oven, and is capable of heating up to 400C in about 20 minutes.

Included in the box are a heavy round pizza stone that slots inside, a long-handled pizza peel, and round metal tin to make deep-dish pizza. We also loved the range of settings available: choose from ‘wood-fired’, pan, New York, crispy, or even frozen.

The results we got were excellent – light crusts and bubbling melted cheese, crisp bases and a leopard-spotted crusts, all in just two minutes.

Read our full Sage the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo review.

Available from:

Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven

Best portable pizza oven

Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven in black

Star rating: 4.5/5

Ooni is a big name in the world of pizza ovens, and this 16-inch portable option produces excellent artisan-style pizzas that were fully cooked in just 60 seconds during our test. We found it incredibly easy to assemble the oven and cook, and hardly needed to refer to the manual at all.

The materials are durable and sleek, and though it doesn’t come with any additional tools, these are available to buy via Ooni’s website and other retailers. It’s also straightforward to clean, and was cool enough to pack away again in an hour and a half.

Read our full Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven review.

Available from:

Fresh Grills premium pizza oven

Best entry-level pizza oven for entertaining

Fresh Grills premium pizza oven

Star rating: 4/5

We loved the portion sizes offered by this roomy pizza oven. With space to cook a pizza up to a foot wide, it offers space for both large pizzas and manoeuvring smaller ones.

It sits high off the table, which is a good safety feature to avoid injuries. Despite the size, the legs are foldable and the chimney is removable for easy storage. The handles are long to keep you safe from hot metal, and it also comes with a convenient carry case and pizza peel.

We love that it produces very little smoke, and it made some of the tastiest pizzas on test. It’s just right for a new pizzaiolo looking to entertain.

Available from:

How to shop safely online

When looking for deals online, a good rule of thumb to follow is: if a price feels too good to be true, it probably is. You can reduce the risk of being tricked by targeted scams by only buying from retailers you trust. Try to avoid sites you don’t recognise, too, as well as private sellers suggested to you via social media.

Always use recommended secure payment methods when making your purchase, and avoid filling in quizzes that ask for personal information similar to security questions (your mother’s maiden name, for example), as these can be used to guess passwords.

Rest assured, we will only be adding links and deals to this page unless we’re fully comfortable with the retailer. You can find more advice in our guide on how to avoid online scams when shopping.

How to get a good deal on pizza ovens

How do we find pizza oven deals?

We look at a variety of retailer sites when looking for pizza oven deals, and make a note of what they’re offering and how the price has changed over the last few months.

Prices often fluctuate a couple of times a day as brands try to compete with each other, so we like to keep an eye on what’s on offer to ensure you’re always getting the best deal – then update this page accordingly.

We don’t just look at larger brands like Amazon, John Lewis and Currys – we look at smaller ones too, as these can sometimes offer deals that bigger ones can’t. We always aim to help you find the best price, as long as we trust the retailer.

How do we select pizza oven deals?

As you look for discounts online, you might find there are lots of pizza oven deals around from a range of retailers. However, those that feature in our guide are the best performers from more than 40 of those shortlisted, tested and reviewed by our BBC Good Food reviews team.

When we review products, we rigorously test each model using BBC Good Food recipes to assess the quality of materials, ease of use, performance, value for money and sustainability.

We’ll put each product through its paces during everyday kitchen tasks, and also test additional functions to identify any weak spots. Discover our full guide to the best pizza ovens to see our top-rated models and see which ones achieved the best star ratings.

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