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Skull and Bones offers and open-world adventure, where your goal is to become a pirate lord. Along the way, you have to take on numerous rivals, amass untold riches, build powerful ships and weaponry, and discover new lands. Here’s our Skull and Bones guides hub to help you on your journey across the high seas.

Skull and Bones guides hub

Our Skull and Bones guides hub is divided into several sections depending on the mechanics and features involved. We tackle basic concepts, such as tools and resources, as well as mid-game and late-game facets, too.

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Basics and general mechanics

These articles are for those who are just starting out. The general mechanics are there to help you get a feel for the world, and should form the core gameplay concepts that you can expect moving forward.

Early-game locations and loot

As you set sail from the pirate haven of Sainte-Anne, you’ll learn about various ideas, such as gathering resources, crafting tools, and discovering outposts that serve as fast travel points. You might even fight buried treasure.

Ships and weapons

These Skull and Bones guides discuss various types of ships, as well as armaments that you can equip. After all, you can’t be a magnificent marauder if your naval craft isn’t up to snuff against your rivals.

Late-game exploration and activities

Once you’ve increased your Infamy rank further, you’ll gain access to better equipment and ships. It’s time to take on deadly creatures, as well as gain riches by way of your island-spanning trade empire.

We’ll continue adding more articles to our Skull and Bones guides hub, so stay tuned.

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