Skull And Bones – How To Find The Sentinel Cutter Ship Blueprint

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When you’re looking to upgrade from the Bedar ship early on in Skull and Bones, your eyes might wander to the Sentinel. This rank two ship is a part of the Cutter, is in the small size class, and its ship type is Support, meaning it’s perfect if you like to keep your party’s vessels healthy.

Just like all ship blueprints in Skull and Bones, the Sentinel Cutter requires a blueprint before you’re able to build it at the Shipwright’s shop in Sainte-Anne. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer much in the way of finding the blueprint. While you can track the Sentinel blueprint, you need to know where to find its location on the map.

Below, you can see exactly where to purchase the blueprint for the Sentinel Cutter in Skull and Bones.

Sentinel Cutter blueprint location in Skull and Bones

The in-game description for the Sentinel Cutter ship.
The in-game description for the Sentinel Cutter ship.

The Sentinel Cutter blueprint is located at an outpost called Lanitra, which is found right near The Giant’s Leap and Angaya Coast regions on the map. More specifically, Lanitra is on the northeast side of an island to the north of The Giant’s Leap.

If you have already traveled to Lanitra, you can either sail there or fast travel to it for some silver (roughly 285-300 silver). It’s a relatively central location, though, so you should be close enough to it to comfortably sail there and not waste precious silver. You can see Lanitra’s exact location in the map screenshot below:

The location of Lanitra on the map.
The location of Lanitra on the map.

Once you dock at Lanitra, turn to the right after you get off your ship and you’ll find an NPC named the Sea People Huntmaster standing by a beached boat. Talk to the Huntmaster and press the “Buy/Sell” option. In the “Buy” section, scroll down until you see the ship blueprint for the Cutter, which allows you to build the Sentinel at a Shipwright.

The Cutter blueprint requires 1,980 silver to buy from the Sea People Huntmaster. However, to build the Sentinel with the blueprint at a Shipwright, you’ll need the following materials:

Buying the Cutter blueprint. Buying the Cutter blueprint.
Buying the Cutter blueprint.

All of these materials are fairly easy to find and produce in the early game of Skull and Bones. Bronze Ingots are made by refining Copper at a Refinery, Iroko Planks are refined using Iroko wood, and Fine Jute is refined from regular Jute. As for the silver, if you need some extra cash quickly, you can complete contracts around the map or Plunder settlements.

If you have all of the necessary materials, you can head to a Shipwright, choose the Sentinel ship, and start building it. After a cutscene has played, your new ship is ready. You can switch between all of your available ships by going to any dock, choosing to embark, and then viewing the “Manage Ship” option. Here, you can manage your current ship but also change ships. Simply pick the Sentinel from your available ships and you’re ready to set sail.

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