Sony’s Spider-Man Shows Spin Up Some Interesting Developments

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Marvel Comics characters Silk and Spider-Man Noir.

Image: Marvel Comics/Sony Animation

Sony’s non-Spider-Man efforts to build its own Marvel universe have been all over the place, but one of the more intriguing additions were individual TV shows for Spider-Man Noir and relative newcomer Silk. While they’re both still a ways off, the two shows may be on opposite ends of the development spectrum: Noir’s show has possibly seen some substantial progress, while Silk’s series may have some bad luck on its hands.

According to The Ankler, Silk: Spider Society’s writers room was largely ejected by Amazon, save for showrunner Angela Kang, who has a multiyear deal with the studio. The outlet claims the series will now be retooled with more of a “male-skewing audience” in mind, similar to Prime Video hits like Reacher and The Boys. Before the ejection, the writers room had just started up again in January after Amazon kept the show (and others) on ice due to the strikes. Months after the strikes ended, the WGA had to threaten the streamer with legal action if it didn’t let all its writers get back to work. It’s not clear if this overhaul was a reaction to the thus far tepid reactions to Madame Web over the last few days, but you can imagine that played a factor into this decisiion.

Conversely, Spider-Man Noir may have found its leading man: The Ankler similarly claims that Nicolas Cage is in “serious talks” to play the 1930s alt-reality version of Spider-Man. He’s already voiced the character in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and may return for the eventual Beyond the Spider-Verse. Given that Cage just turned 60, though, we’re likely looking at a Young Sheldon-type deal where he voices the character’s inner thoughts to open or close an episode instead of suiting up himself.

At time of writing, hasn’t confirmed either bit of news, but that may change over the next few days (or weeks).

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