The best speakers for vinyl in 2024

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PSB Alpha iQ specs: Type: Bookshelf | Power: 180W | Inputs: AUX, HDMI ARC port, Phono, Bluetooth | Frequency: 60 Hz-20 kHz

The great thing about the PSB Alpha iQ speakers is that they have a built-in phono preamp. Since vintage record players don’t have a phono preamp built in, you need a receiver to act as the preamp. If you have an older record player, these speakers eliminate the need for a receiver.

Although the Alpha iQ speakers are ideal for a vintage setup, they have modern features like Bluetooth connectivity and Apple AirPlay technology to listen digitally. A handy companion app called BluOS lets you choose the audio output, customize EQ settings, and connect to streaming services like Spotify. BluOS is a multi-room streaming platform that also allows you to listen to vinyl through other BluOS powered devices (like speakers from Bluesound and other makers). 

These bookshelf speakers get up to 180W of peak power (the most power on this list) and have a frequency response of 60 Hz – 20 kHz. The drivers are 4-inch mid-bass drivers paired with .75-inch aluminum dome tweeters — meaning great sound quality for such a compact speaker.

I tested these speakers with my vintage setup and was loved their full bass response and transparent sound. While not as room-filling as my floor-standing vintage Technics speakers, vinyl records sound crisp with the Aplha IQs. It was easy to set these speakers up and connect them, and switch quickly between listening to vinyl and listening to one of my Spotify playlists. 

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