Wyze outage leaves customers without camera coverage overnight

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Wyze v3 camera pointed at viewer

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Wyze cameras have been unreliable for many users for more than nine hours today, with cameras disappearing from the Wyze app or simply reporting errors when owners try to view them.

Users started reporting issues on Down Detector just before 4 am Eastern time, and the company issued a service advisory at 9:30 am. As of 1 pm, the company stated that its “metrics show that devices are starting to recover,” and later that there was “continued improvement,” but it was still investigating history viewing issues. At 1:15 pm, an Ars writer was able to view his Wyze v3 camera feed and update its firmware.

A Wyze employee updated the service advisory at 2:28 p.m. Eastern to note “continued improvement for device connection recovery.” They added that the Event tab in the Wyze app, where one can see prior recordings activated by motion or other detections, is disabled, “to investigate a possible security issue,” and it will be back soon.

Wyze attributed the issue to an “AWS partner” in an earlier update. Amazon Web Services’ dashboard showed no issues or outages as of 1:30 pm Eastern. Ars reached out to Wyze for comment and will update this post with new information.

The Wyze subreddit was stuffed at the time of this writing with confirmations that the Wyze service was down, with many waking up to find that none of their Wyze cameras were working or even showing in their app at all. One redditor noted that they could see footage from a camera that was three time zones away. Many noted their strategy, or now intention, to diversify their security devices or implement solutions with local viewing options.

This post was updated at 4:30 p.m. Eastern to note an update to Wyze’s service advisory.

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