Helldivers 2 – Where To Find Bile Spewers And How to Kill Them

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If you’re anything like me, Helldivers 2 Bile Spewers have killed you quite a few times and you would love nothing more than to carry out your revenge in the most dastardly way possible. Well, you’re in luck; I’m here to help as an expert in Bile Spewer obliteration. Read on to find out where to find Bile Spewers, and how to not only survive your encounters with them, but how to start looking forward to them.

What are Bile Spewers?

Bile Spewers are the bloated (almost glowing) green and orange bugs located in the Terminid regions. They are much larger than almost any other bugs, so you’ll certainly know them when you see them, but if you need help identifying them, they are the ones that spew glowing green bile like they had too much Gatorade before getting on a roller coaster.

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Although they do not appear as mini-bosses or main mission objectives, they can wreak havoc on your missions if you aren’t prepared for them, you get caught unaware, or you encounter multiple at a time.

Bile Spewer locations

Bile Spewers can be found on any planet in the Terminid systems (which are differentiated by their orange coloring on the Galactic War table). They will emerge during dynamic bug events and typically attack alongside several other types of enemies, including smaller bugs, larger Hunters, or even armored Chargers or Bile Titans.

Someone get this fella a bucket.
Someone get this fella a bucket.

If you are on a bug-infested planet and playing on anything above Trivial difficulty, you are very likely to fight them, so keep an eye out and don’t let them sneak up on you.

How to kill Bile Spewers

One of the most unfortunate things about Bile Spewers is that, regardless of the defense on your armor (Light, Medium, or Heavy), they can one-shot you with their bile attack if you get hit directly. Bile Spewers are actually the reason I started exclusively using Light Armor, which gives you extra speed and stamina at the cost of durability, since a direct hit from their bile attack will kill you even in the heaviest armor (with a defense of 144).

Because of this, it’s important to walk left or right to strafe the attack as you return fire. In the mid-to-long-range, this will ensure you avoid their attack entirely. If you’re close, it will ensure you only take a little bit of damage and not the full brunt of it.

Their weak point is their head, so make sure to really lay into them with whatever weapon you use, but the Breaker automatic shotgun makes very quick work of them if you must fight up close. If you’re taking support weapons, the Grenade Launcher is also a fantastic way to take them out at range, and it has the bonus of blowing up smaller bugs that tend to gather around them.

If you’re defending a location, Sentries will do a lot of work to clear them out before they become a problem, but this is a great strategy for every enemy, not just Bile Spewers. Bring a Mortar Sentry–one of the best Stratagems in Helldivers 2–with you and place it in a high location, where enemies won’t be able to get to it easily, then keep moving to have the best chance for survival. You can also bring a Guard Dog Rover along as your backpack item and stay mobile as it deals damage. Every little bit helps.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be putting those Bile Spewers in the ground, instead of the other way around. Happy hunting, Helldivers!

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