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We love to give you guys some great ideas and principle recipes that you can tweak to you and your family’s liking – and we know how much you all love a smoothie!

Smoothies are a super-easy way to get more fruit and veg into your diet. But, not only that – by adding yoghurt, nuts and seeds, you can create a balanced, more nutritious smoothie that ticks all the boxes for a brilliant breakfast on the go. 

If you follow a vegan diet, simply swap honey for maple syrup and any dairy products for your favourite fortified plant-based alternatives. And if you avoid gluten, make sure to choose oats labelled as ‘gluten-free’ to avoid cross-contamination. Happy blitzing!

Kiwi fruit, ginger and banana smoothie

Adding porridge oats and yoghurt to this fruity smoothie makes it super satisfying and deliciously creamy. Combined with tangy kiwi and warming ginger this smoothie recipe will give you extra get-up-and-go in the morning!

Super green smoothie

Looking for healthy smoothie recipes? Jamie’s Super green smoothie recipe happily contains everything you need for a balanced breakfast, so it’s the perfect way to start the day. We’ve added some veg in there too and the almond butter provides a source of protein. 

Fruit smoothie

Banana, mango, coconut milk, cardamom and lime juice is an awesome tropical combo in this naturally vegan and gluten-free smoothie recipe. The little twist of black pepper might sound a bit weird, but it adds a lovely subtle warmth and complements the floral cardamom so well. Give it a go!

Super smoothie ice lollies

These smoothie ice lollies couldn’t be simpler to make – measure your berries and milk in a mug, use a tablespoon for your yoghurt and honey, then blitz with fresh mint, and freeze. A great one for kids.

Mango cooler

Cooler by name, cooler by nature – make this creamy mango smoothie if you’re in need of some serious refreshment. Great with hot and spicy food.

Jools’ favourite smoothies & ice lollies

Choose between Jools’ favourite mixed berry or tropical fruit combos – or get creative with your favourite flavours. This recipe works brilliantly when frozen to make lollies, too.

Frozen fruit smoothies

A fantastic principle recipe that you can make your own. Choose your frozen fruit, mixed nuts and milk (dairy or plant-based), then blitz with oats and yoghurt for a satisfying smoothie.

Super smoothies

Vivid green, dark purple, bright orange or milky white – we love these colourful combos. Let your eyes decide!  Check out Jamie’s tip to prep and freeze your chosen fruits ready to blitz.

From Mango and yoghurt layer pots to Super spinach pancakes and Charred avo & eggs, check out our collection of healthy breakfast ideas for more colourful ways to start the day.

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