The best note-taking apps for iPad of 2024: Expert tested

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Nebo offers full stylus support when you have an Apple Pencil you are itching to use on your new note-taking app for iPad. It uses leading AI technology to provide the option of handwritten notes, or you can annotate where you see fit. Nebo works with 66 languages, converting your scrappy hand-scribbled notes into lovely notes. 

Also, How to take notes on your iPad with an Apple Pencil 

If you pick up where you left off, you can import a file because the app is compatible with PDF, Word, and PowerPoint. Regardless of your choice, you can easily transition from handwriting to text to dictation, even in the same word, to make transcription a breeze, regardless of your preferred method. It can even handle math equations and diagrams, available as LaTeX or image.

Nebo also offers a companion app called Nebo Viewer, which allows you to access read-only versions of your notes anytime on your iPhone. Before seeing your notes, you must create a free MyScript account and access cloud sync.

“I operate in a sphere where time is precious, and managing day-to-day operations can be a Herculean task,” explains Athina Zisi, Chief Operations Officer of Energy Casino. “This is where Nebo comes in with its meticulously designed features. Whether I’m jotting down notes during a high-stakes meeting or capturing action points during an operations review, Nebo handles it with aplomb.”

Plus, Nebo’s latest AI updates up the ante. Now, Nebo AI can be utilized for PDFs, empowering users to summarize content, clarify complex concepts, engage in quizzes, or interact with an AI assistant directly within their PDF documents. English users can enjoy improved quiz questions with Nebo’s AI Quiz tool. 

When I tested Nebo, my favorite features were the lasso tool and the handy toolbar, which made it easy to switch colors and writing tools, change size and weight, and customize my note-taking. It’s also easy to teach yourself the Nebo interface, which makes it a good pick for a beginner or student. 

Redditors said that they liked Nebo’s handwriting-to-text feature, which some emphasized was better and more practical than that of Goodnote 6. Users said it has some of the best handwriting recognition across the note-taking app space but lacks some features of other competitors, like synching and audio notes. 

Nebo key features: Price: $9 for full version |  Artificial intelligence technology | Compatible with PDFs | Freeform canvas for unique note-taking control | Writing to text conversion | Lasso tool for maximum control | Add photos, sketches, and math | Create and edit structured notes | Solve simple math 

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